Heute Nacht teilte Microsoft seinen Beta-Testern mit, dass der Beta-Test für das neue Windows Update gestartet wurde. Die Tester erhielten im Laufe der Nacht diese E-Mail.

**DO NOT REPLY - THIS E-MAIL IS BEING SENT TO YOU FROM AN UNMONITORED ACCOUNT. Due to Microsoft's security requirements, the hyperlink(s) contained in this e-mail may not automatically open your browser. If you experience any difficulty, please copy the link and paste into your browser. **

Date: March 22, 2005

Beta ID: 60xxx
Email: xxxx
Name: xxxx

Dear Microsoft Update beta tester,

The MU beta is live! You should log into Beta Place (beta.microsoft.com), complete the EULA survey if it is presented, and follow the links to the Microsoft Update Beta Welcome page. Key information about the beta will be available through additional links on the Welcome page, and in the MU newsgroups on betanews.microsoft.com.

Scenarios that you can use as testing guides will be available as downloads on the Test Scenarios page accessed from the Welcome page. Review the Read Me and Known Issues pages before you proceed to the Microsoft Update Beta site.

The updatev5.general newsgroup is now Read-Only; the update.general newsgroup is now Read-Write. Before posting into any MU beta newsgroup, review the Good Practices guidelines in the update.announcements newsgroup.

Support will be provided during this beta, in English only, based mainly on your newsgroup postings and bug reports. Post issues and concerns in the update.general newsgroup. Use the Beta Place Bug form for reporting bugs.

Success for this beta will be measured by your feedback on scenarios covering Windows, Outlook, SQL, Exchange, Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA), Automatic Update, and the MU site itself. Document each scenario that you complete with at least one post to the microsoft_update.general newsgroup. I will use these posts to track scenario execution progress.

This beta will be more complex than previous Windows Update betas that you may have participated in. Content across seven different areas will be presented. Given that there are over 25,000 beta testers, to keep this a manageable and productive experience for all, testers should exercise good judgment, civility, and professionalism in their newsgroup posts.

I have asked five testers to help me with this beta: Tom "Sky" King, Ron Bogart, Leen Snoek, Chris Hassler, and Mike Maltby. They will be providing first-line assistance and guidance, and will alert me to any emerging issues. You should not consider them as 'beta police'; rather as very knowledgeable peers who are taking on extra work to help make this beta run smoothly. I expect that you will give them your close attention and full cooperation.

Dive right in and have a great time with this beta!

Warm regards,

Roger Holland
Beta Coordinator

Link: Windows Update v6 Beta (deutschsprachig)
Hinweis: Nach dem Wechsel auf Version 6 ist es nur schwer möglich wieder auf Version 5 zurückzuwechseln. Wir bitten Sie, dies zu beachten!

Quelle: http://www.winfuture.de/news,19604.html

Link: http://update.microsoft.com/windowsu...etathanks.htm?